"Betty O'Barley and Harry O'Hay were scarecrows - they scared lots of crows every day." This is the beginning of a beautiful children's book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, which was recently the topic of the toddlers' group. After reading the book, we got active ourselves and made some scarecrows of our own. They may not be tall enough to put them in a field, but they're more than big enough for a flower pot :-)

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Spring is here, and with it are seasonal activities such as crafting butterflies and flowers, or planting flower seeds in home-made bunny-themed flower pots. And of course lots of fun on the playground outside.

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Carnival at English Explorers

Carnival season was the dominating theme at English Explorers in February. Here is one of the masks that the Starters' Group made.

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Colo(u)rful English Explorers

Today, we read about Lucy Ladybug, who is sad because she doens't have any spots. Fortunately, the English Explorers are here to help.
For good measure, we finished the day by getting artistic with fingerpaint.
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In today's winter-themed meeting, we got to know Charlie Crow and his friends. For good measure, we crafted a few more for him.

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Fun with modeling dough

Using modeling dough and cookie cutters, we brought Gingerbread Man to life at the last English Explorers meeting.

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Migratory Birds

The sky is grey outside, so we cheered ourselves up by making colourful birds. Hope they will stay through the winter.

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Getting ready for Halloween

It's Halloween soon, and the children at English Explorers are getting ready. Today, we crafted some ghosts:

Next week, on November 2nd, we'll have our traditional Halloween party.

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Woodland theme in our kindergarten group

During the spring months the kindergarten children followed a woodland theme. Please find here some more pictures of our projects. Besides owls the children have been busy as follows:

- Making fox and crow puppets. We sang the Julia Donaldson song “The Crow and the Fox”.

- Trees!

First we added blossom to trees when spring appeared. 

Then we made trees out of recycled items for “Earth Day”. We read the Dora Explorer book “Let’s Recycle” that week. 

The children also worked well as a team and made a large tree together, complete with different leaves and nuts. 

- After reading “The Gruffulo’s Child” by Julia Donaldson we made some cute mice out of pine-cones. 

- Today’s the day the Teddybears have their Picnic! We sang the well-known song and had a little teddybear’s picnic of our own. 

Meanwhile the older children have been very busy as well. They have been making puppets, recycling, learning about where they are from, and going on a scavenger hunt along with other many other educational topics!

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Owl babies

For the last couple of weeks we have been focussing on woodland animals. In our kindergarten session today, we talked about owls. After reading the delightful story "Owl babies", every child created their own owl out of the letter O.

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Happy Easter!

We have been getting into the easter spirit during the last couple of weeks. This has included some easter/spring songs, some spring games, reading some bunny and chick themed books and getting creative... The children enjoyed planting easter plant-pots with grass seeds.

The grass has grown so quickly in so little time!

The next week they made some pecking-chicks.

As it will be our last session before the Easter school break today, we are looking forward to our Easter egg hunt. Happy Easter everyone!

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About flamingos and pigs

Our school children group talked about " flamingos, feathers and food". During this interactive story the children helped Fat Rat find and name different foods and then fed it to Flamingo Foo Foo ( who had only been fed with white chalk for some time) in order to bring some color to it's feathers. Not every snack was appropriate for poor Foo Foo, but after some pink medicine and seafood Flamingo Foo Foo finally turned pink again. The children then recapured what had happened to Foo Foo's feathers by using if-clauses.

The kindergarten children had fun with Axel Scheffler's Flip Flap book "Farm animals" and made up new animals like the "deep" (out of a dog and a sheep), before reading "The pig in the pond" and creating this nice pig family.

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About a fish and a donkey...

The school age children made their own fish wish after reading "The fish who could wish" by Paul Korky. They also played a game of building and then describing to another person using prepositions. All the children managed to follow instructions and build the same structure with great success!

The kindergarten children continued with the farm animal theme and had great fun to select animals out of our surprise box, before listening to the funny story "Wonkey Donkey". In the end we had this wonderful herd of donkeys...

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Baa baa - so many sheep

As carnival is over, we started our next theme, which will accompy us for the next couple of weeks: Farmyard animals!

After our usual singing round - where we focussed on farm songs like "Old McDonald" or "The farmer's in the dell" - we started a new game - the surprise box! The children put their hands in a box full of hay and pull out small plastic animals, like horses, tigers or dinosaurs. Then, they had to decide, if that animal a farmyard animal or not!

Afterwards, the children listened to the beautiful story "What the ladybird heard" by Julia Donaldson before they sponge-printed their own sheep.

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Carnival party 2015

Our annual carnival party took place on the 11th of February, just before the long carnival weekend. We were already getting into the carnival mood in the weeks before, focussing on our theme "Circus".

At the party itself, we started out with our English translation of "Rucki Zucki" before the various performance started. We had acrobats, jugglers and even a snake charmer! It was a lovely get together and great fun!

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Circus circus!

The delightful story of "Sugarlump and Unicorn" brought the children to a farmer, a race course and the circus, our current theme.

After the story, the pre-school kids practised prepositions (on, in, under, in front, behind, next to, between) as well as rhyming words brought to us by the Letterland characters while the kindergarten group had fun with crayons.

Our session concluded with a sporty part, where all children enjoyed jumping though hoops like tigers, dancing around the circus ring like horses and much more.

We all look forward to our annual carnival party, which will take place next week.

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Carnival is Coming

Last week at English Explorers we started our Carnival theme. We all learnt our new song – the English version of “Rucki Zucki”, along with actions! The kindergarten age children read a Julia Donaldson book “The Singing Mermaid”. The story is about a mermaid who joins the circus. Coincidentally our carnival party has a circus theme on the 11th February! After the story we made some masks.

The school age children got into the carnival spirit, by reading 'Dippy Duck Dresses up' which takes place at a fancy dress party in Letterland. Each Letterland character is dressed as someone else so Dippy Duck has a hard job finding out who is who! We practised the 'd' sound and drew an outfit for Dippy to put on next.

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It's still winter at English Explorers

The school age children completed this year's winter theme with the Snowman story by Raymond Briggs. The children then created their own versions of Olaf from Frozen.

While the kindergarten kids traveled to the North Pole and listened to the story of the Littlest bear, before all created their own fluffy polar bear.

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Winter Penguins

Our session this week started off with some enthusiastic singing. We sang “I met a Bear” and “We’re going on a Bear hunt” because our current theme is winter.

After splitting into our groups, the Kindergarten group read a winter bear book and then discussed animals who like being in the cold. We decided that Penguins really liked being chilly, then practiced waddling like Penguins which was very funny. The children made penguins out of different shapes: hearts, circles, ovals and rectangles.

The school aged children were covering the letter “Y” this week using Letterland rhymes and a book “Betty and the Yeti”.

The session was finished off with our “sleeping bunnies (and penguins!)” movement song.

Happy 6th Birthday to Johan and 2nd Birthday to Emma. Thanks for the cake!

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