Woodland theme in our kindergarten group

During the spring months the kindergarten children followed a woodland theme. Please find here some more pictures of our projects. Besides owls the children have been busy as follows:

- Making fox and crow puppets. We sang the Julia Donaldson song “The Crow and the Fox”.

- Trees!

First we added blossom to trees when spring appeared. 

Then we made trees out of recycled items for “Earth Day”. We read the Dora Explorer book “Let’s Recycle” that week. 

The children also worked well as a team and made a large tree together, complete with different leaves and nuts. 

- After reading “The Gruffulo’s Child” by Julia Donaldson we made some cute mice out of pine-cones. 

- Today’s the day the Teddybears have their Picnic! We sang the well-known song and had a little teddybear’s picnic of our own. 

Meanwhile the older children have been very busy as well. They have been making puppets, recycling, learning about where they are from, and going on a scavenger hunt along with other many other educational topics!

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